My passion is and will always be animals!

I have loved all animals since I can remember.

As a little girl, I was raised with German Shepherds at my grandma’s house.  My grandma was my whole world and taught me to be kind and to care for all animals.

My passion is and will always be animals!!!!!

I am a Professional Pet Sitter with Karen’s K9 Pet Care LLC. I care for animals throughout the state of Wisconsin, I raise money for shelters and rescues, I am an animal activist, and I am hoping to change laws in Wisconsin for better animal rights. Visit my Resources page for more information.

I also am concerned for pet’s health when it comes to food and supplements.  So, when I became aware of Hemp Oil for animals, I knew this could be a wonderful supplement with many benefits for the voiceless.  And it has!

If you want to learn more about Hemp Oil for animals, please let me know.

I also carry other healthy and safe pet products and I am constantly researching more quality products for your pets. Visit My Organic Hound website for more information.

When you call my service, I will arrange a visit to your home so I can meet you and your pet & get detailed information about caring for them. I offer pet sitting, dog walking, transportation, yard clean-up and more.

My service area consists of the La Crosse, Madison and Milwaukee and surrounding areas.


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“Until one has loved an animal, a part of ones soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France