Here’s what others are saying about Karen’s K9 Pet Care and Products:

“Emma was diagnosed with cutaneous lymphoma at the beginning of May. Her tumors started growing in late March, early April. They grew very rapidly and Emma was showing signs of pain. On May 4 I started giving her Mary’s CBD oil. I started with a fairly small dose and noticed within a couple of days that Emma’s pain seemed to be less. However, after several days at the lower dosage, her pain started coming back, so I kept gradually increasing the dose. On May 21, her intake of CBD was up to .25 mL 3 times per day. By June 1, I thought some of her tumors might be getting a little smaller, although I also thought a couple of new ones had started to appear, so I was afraid to get my hopes up.

On June 1, I also started mixing Mary’s CBD oil with the new bottle of CW’s CBD oil, since my bottle of Mary’s was running out.

June 6, I upped the dosage again to approx .4 mL 3 times per day. A couple of other people also thought some of her tumors were getting smaller.

By June 15, I was giving Emma .5 mL of oil 3 times per day and that is what she continues to get.

Many of her tumors have disappeared completely or have significantly shrunk in size.

Emma was also having a lot of problems with poop incontinence for several months before I started giving her CBD oil. The problem was so bad that I would have to clean up accidents at least once a day and sometimes several times a day. She hasn’t had ANY instances of poop incontinence for the last several weeks.

Emma seems to be pain free, her tumors are continuing to shrink, and she is becoming more playful again. She even initiated a game of tug with her “sister” the other day, which I haven’t seen her do in the last year.  This CBD oil is amazing!  Unfortunately, Emma lost her battle and we had to let her go recently.” ~ Monique

“Other than family, Karen is the only person we trust with our furbabies. Heck, we consider her family now! Our dogs love her and we can go on vacation without worrying about a thing. We also give the CW Hemp Oil to our dogs everyday. (7 yr old GSD and 10.5 yr Lab Retriever rescue) We rescued our lab 4 months ago. He is a senior dog and suffers from E-canis which results in a lot of joint pain and inflammation. The CW Hemp Oil has worked wonders for him. Our GSD also has arthritis already and the Hemp oil has helped tremendously! I recommend it to everyone! You will not be disappointed!” ~ Debbie

“Because of Karen and her huge heart we can take a trip once a year. Our two pups would be terrified in a boarding facility. 
Karen is a gift from above! I never have to worry about them when we go and she loves them as if they were her own! Oh and as much as I clean before Karen arrives, I swear my house is cleaner than when I left it! Most of all , my precious pups are not stressed. They love her and her beautiful spirit!” ~ Tina

“Karen is the most loving animal person I know, and I know a lot of them. She will love your animal more than you love your animal. I highly recommend her to watch your fur babies! Very trust worthy!” ~ Jennifer

“Karen has sat for us for the last few years. We’d skip a trip (unless necessary) rather than send them to a kennel again. One of our dogs is on meds and she handles that like the pro that she is. Our dogs love her and don’t even get excited when we get home anymore. As long as she’s there, all is right with the world in their eyes.” ~ Toni