Dosing an animal or a person is daunting to many of us, therefore, it is important to note what Hemp oil does NOT do.

We have created this resource based on our increasing amount of pet inquiries. Please note, the information listed here is purely anecdotal and mostly based on client feedback, as well as veterinarian guided. For the sake of simplicity, we have put together general guidelines that are considered black and white. However, if your pet falls in a “gray” area, please call one of Realm of Caring’s Care Specialists to help you tailor these guidelines to your specific situation. Lisa’s email is listed below.

How to choose a product?

Most animals and pet owners use a variety of the Products I distribute. Exceptions can be made for very large animals, very small ones, multiple pets, or a cancer diagnosis.

How to Dose?

Dosing an animal or a person is daunting to many of us, therefore, it is important to note what Hemp oil does NOT do.

Hemp oil will NOT be toxic for your pet
Hemp oil will NOT cause your pet to ever stop breathing
Hemp oil will NOT give your pet psychoactive effects

Regardless of your pet’s weight, it is prudent to start with micro-dosing as animals tend to be sensitive and often achieve benefits from very low dosages. Broadly speaking, we suggest starting low and increasing fast.

For example:

CW Paws Hemp Extract

2 -3 drops twice a day, two hours from pharma

  • Double the dose every 4 – 7 days until symptom relief begins
  • Level off at that dose

For animals, as with humans, it is important to temper expectations as results are typically achieved with time (weeks or even months). Hemp oil works by saturation and accumulation in the system so it’s important to dose at least twice a day, every day.

An exception to this rule would be with cats. Cats can possibly accumulate hemp oil as well as pharmaceuticals in the liver. Signs of this would be drowsiness (more than is usual) or increased thirst. Observe your cat closely and should these symptoms occur, back off dose and re-start one day on, two days off.

Interesting fact: A transdermal approach with cats is reported to be ineffective after the first or second time, so an oral dose is your best avenue with your feline friends.

Advising your pet’s veterinarian of hemp administration is always recommended.

Dosing for Cancer

When dosing for cancer, the regular dosing guidelines may be followed, however, the goal will be to reach much higher dosing than usual. There is no clear limit, you will increase their dose as quickly as tolerable when looking to combat the cancer cells. If presented with a visible tumor, hemp oil may be dosed topically; directly on the tumor. Be advised that this may cause tumors to eventually lance. A veterinarian’s close supervision is strongly suggested.

Helpful Hints

  • For fussy pet dosing administration, consider mixing hemp oil with a nut butter or absorbing in a milk bone
  • Oil may be rubbed on an animal’s gums
  • Rectal dosing is an option as long as product is free of flavorings
  • A transdermal approach is available for dogs at the base of their ears

Need more information?

Our most common pet clients are dogs and cats. Should you have another type of animal and are unclear as to how to proceed, please direct inquiries to or 719 347-5400 ext. 125 and she will be happy to assist.

The Realm of Caring Foundation realizes that our animals are an extension of our families and do their best to help you with what they know. Your feedback and stories are encouraged as it helps us to help others. Please comment and share!

Wishing you and yours quality in health, as ALL life matters!